Kimchi - very healthy

  • fermented cabbage, cucumbers
  • exceptional, very healthy
  • lacto-bacteria, common friendly intestinal bacteria,
  • cannot ferment ketone sugars, diabetic type, so no need for sugar in base material
  • cabbage, cucumber in kimchi is not a normal disease type of fermenting sugar

Pickled - healthy

  • preserved, salted, acidic
  • brine made from salt stops germ activity
  • vinegar or lemon juice kill germs like stomach acids

Fermenting - not healthy

  • sugar foods that CAN ferment inside your belly
    • fruit, especially apples, bananas, peaches
    • grains, especially wheat, hops, barley, oats
    • berries, especially strawberries, blueberries
  • contain germ residues - alkaloids, toxins
  • promotes germ activity, bloating, gas
  • yeast and yeast-like bacteria consume sugar to produce gas
  • milk foods where lacto-bacteria digest milk sugars (lactose), healthy

fermentable sugar; fruit, grain - not healthy

Grain contains a chain of fructose called inulin.
Inulin is slowly digested by yeast in the belly to give swollen belly
Swollen belly, beer belly, grain belly, bulging, bloated, fat
Digesting grain sugars can take 3 to 4 days and produces a wheat belly.
Also called a beer belly, the same, wheat or beer, just a huge belly of fat.

sucrose inulin

FOS is in fruit

Inulin is in grains

Sucrose is in vegetables

Glucose is in white rice, cannot ferment