The metabolic war

  • only plants make sugar
  • animals get sick from sugar
  • no exceptions, insulin rescues to a limit
  • there is zero nutrients in sugar
  • sugar is loaded with alcohol
  • alcohol is highly addictive to animals
  • sugar to health is the same as alcohol
  • sugar naturally contains alcohol
  • sugar makes us sick slowly
  • alcohol makes us sick quickly
  • plants slowly kill animals with sugar
  • sugar, metabolic overload
    • sugar is the only source of alcohol
    • only plants make sugar
    • no nutrients in sugar
    • animals do not need sugar for energy
    • we tolerate it but it always makes us sick
    • e.g. apples, bananas, oranges, watermelon
      • yeast infections
      • insulin chaos
      • energy loss
      • diabetes
      • obesity
      • cancer

Why do plants make sugar?

  • Plants do not breath oxygen
  • Plants slowly ferment sugar into energy
  • Heat from the sun improves fermentation
  • Plants need CO2 and fermenting provides lots
  • The CO2 gives us gas and bloating, no energy

Examples of plant sugar

  • cane sugar, rum
  • grain sugar, beer
  • rye sugar, whiskey
  • molasses, dark rum
  • agave sugar, tequila
  • beet sugar, table sugar
  • corn sugar, high fructose corn syrup

Sugar is alcohol without the buzz

  • all alcohol is made from sugar

  • sugar addiction = alcohol addiction

  • No exceptions

Sugar is NEVER healthy

  • fresh fruit is anti-health

  • one week with no fruit, feel the difference