Scrambled eggs with

  • green onions (chives)
  • asparagus
  • lettuce, mix in diced at the end to wilt
  • cabbage, steam fir first then add the whipped eggs
  • Spinach, boil cook first and put the eggs on top on the plate
  • Potato, shred or paper thin slices to steam cook first, then add the eggs to raise like a souffle
  • olive, onion, capers, spice like a pizza but cook the whipped egg like a crust under.

Fried eggs with

  • asparagus to dip in the yolk
  • on unbleached white toast

Rice portage, congee

  • basically extra cooked white rice with extra water.
  • can make a pot, keeps well for days in fridge to warm up as wanted
  • add some thing when you warm it up each day for variety
    • spring onions
    • hard boiled egg
    • left over dinner items or add
      • masala,
      • curry,
      • cinnamon powder
    • cooked green vegetables

Rice noodles

  • soak, rinse in hot water, strain, add one raw egg yolk and 2 cloves of crushed garlic, fold together,
  • vermicelli rice
  • Chinese rice sticks


  • whipped eggs cooked flat add as toping to roll in
    • cheese
    • onion
    • olives
    • diced tomato
    • potato
    • spinach
    • yams
    • turnup
    • garlic
    • diced celery, lots of crunch
    • black pepper, great for phlegm

bell pepper

  • dice, steam cook to soften
  • add
    • white rice
    • rice noodles
    • tomatoes
    • onions
    • eggs


  • slice thin, steam cook 5-8 minutes, like chips

celery soup

  • dice, steam cook, add tomatoes and onion to make like a tomato soup, drizzle in whipped egg to make egg clusters

fast warm potato salad

  • start some peeled, diced potatoes, 8-10 minutes, warm some milk and/or butter (not cold)
  • start some eggs to hard boil, 6-8 minutes
  • cool eggs with cold tap water
  • drain and let mosture evaporate from potatoes
  • peel eggs
  • in pot or bowl stir potatoes with milk/butter, like broken up baked potato, not whipped, lumpy potatoes
    • mixing the potatoes direct with warm butter / milk gives a spendid taste / texture, leave lumpy
  • add whole eggs into lumpy mash potatoes and smash up the eggs with mustar powder, salt and pepper,
    • maybe some diced celery
  • serve on some lettuce leaves, can eat the lettuce outside like a sandwich, lettuce sandwich, could be for luch








white potatoes and white rice contains only glucose, a safe food

our blood sugar is glucose, we can use it for energy

fermenting sugar, cannot be used for energy, causes

  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • anxiety, panic, confusion, autism, depression
  • cancer

eat vegetable plants, the

  • leaves
  • stems
  • bark
  • roots

NO SEEDS, nor seed oils, vegetable oils

eat lots of

  • MUSTARD SEED OIL, very healthy
  • BUTTER, very healthy
  • GHEE, very healthy
  • OLIVE OIL, middle of the road