Can an oral hepC drug treat novel corona virus?


Ribavirin, used as oral therapy treating liver virus HepC, appears effective agains Covid-19.

Reported by Russian scientists January 30, 2020.

How does ribavirin work?

Ribavirin is a combination of a sugar and a cluster of nitrogen <azole in chemistry>

The cluster of nitrogen, organic gun powder, allows the immune system to kill all viruses.


Ribavirin molecule composed of:

  • ribose sugar at the bottom
  • cluster of 3 nitrogen in a ring in the middle, a tri-azole
  • carbamide at the top

Free, available, organic nitrogen is the key to strong immune system to fight germs.
Nitrogen bonding is less strong than carbon, this allows nitrogen clusters to easily escape, then the body makes organic gun powder by combining nitrogen with oxygen, nitric oxide, NO- to kill viruses on contact, like a bomb.

Organic gun powder from food based supplements:

  • creatine
  • urea
  • metformin
  • arginine
  • NH2 amines, amino acids,
  • caution: glutamate, aspartate, alanine, amines are anti-nutrients, cause harm.
  • only histidine has an azole cluster of all the proteingenic amino acids the way ribavirin has
  • SHUCA is a select group of amino acids to provide ample free 'organic gun powder'

When does it go wrong?

When the amine (NH2) looses electrons, picks up a proton (H) to become ammonia (NH3)

This is when we lose acids (amino acids, fatty acids) and they become alkaline by hydrogenation as in hydrogenated vegetable oil in the factory foods. Hydrogenated vegetable oil used to be popular as margaine. Now used extensively in packaged, processed foods such as mustard, ketchup and most thickened foods including sports drinks.

Alkalinity (hydrogenation) is also associated with calcium, the danger of corona virus disease, lung calcification.

These lung calcium deposits can be seen on x-ray / MRI, which is a screening test for Covid-19

When the lungs lose their acidity by increasing calcium, they cement hard, lung function is lost, we cannot breath.

This is seen with an increase in ammonia, the breath test for h.pylori / stomach ulcers / stomach cancer.

Ammonia is the marker of low levels of amines (NH2) and high levels of toxic NH3 (lysine, alanine).

High alanine is measure of liver disease in the blood test ALT - Alanine Trans-amine-ase.

ALT, the transfer by the enzyme (-ase) of the bad NH3 amino acid alanine out of the blood stream.

But I thought alkalizing the body was good.

NO, we have been brainwashed.

acids make life,

Warm blooded animals need oxygen as O2, O-, O3, H2O, H2O-, H2O2, all acidic / reactive

Mammals developed the white blood cell line to utilize organic gun powder, Nitric Oxide, NO-
Cold blood animals cannot; non-oxygen organisms such as viruses cannot, same with bacteria and fungi.

When our oxygen goes low we are sick.

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) give life to mammals.
ROS has reactivity due to electrons, energy, acids.

The main ROS is Nitric Oxide (NO-)

NOS stands for Nitric Oxide Species, the organic gun powder of our immune system

They come from many body types:

  • eNOS, endothelial Nitric Oxide Species, release from endothelial cells, surface of arteries and lymph
  • nNOS, neuronal Nitric Oxide Species, release from the surface of nerves, signals to other nerve cells
  • iNOS, induced Nitric Oxide Species, 

All require ample supplies of free nitrogen from the diet, cannot be storred.

  • NOS kills germs, and includes novel corona virus

NOS regluates calcium by moving it out of scars, plaque and colonies of viruses.

from Wikipedia: nitric oxide synthase, the enzyme that liberates NO-

Nitric oxide is mediated in mammals by the calcium-calmodulin controlled isoenzymes eNOS (endothelial NOS) and nNOS (neuronal NOS). The inducible isoform, iNOS, involved in immune response, binds calmodulin at physiologically relevant concentrations, and produces NO as an immune defense mechanism, as NO is a free radical with an unpaired electron. It is the proximate cause of septic shock and may function in autoimmune disease.

Calmodulin is made by the thyroid and very active in salmon oil, and in eels to generate electricity (electric eel).

Calmodulin can cure osteoporosis by mobilizing calcium out of vitamin D receptors, back to bone vitamin K receptors.

Novel Corona Virus ramps up vitamin D receptors full of calcium to block the removal of ammonia.

Ammonia is very toxic to liver, lungs and brain.

Ammonia can be cleared with baking soda (sodium Bicarbonate), Salt sodium and high oxygen bicarbonate.

 320px Bicarbonate resonanceBicarbonate, baking soda

Neutralizes ammonia (NH3) back into amine (NH2)

The ammonia smell of diaper pail can be neutralized by adding baking soda.

Oxygenating the skin.

We can have a baking soda bath to fix many skin problems, eczema.

Germs like the alkaline ammonia to degrade our skin for food.

Taking a baking soda bath is good for everyone, even new born babies, gets rid of diaper rash and cradle cap.

Cradle cap develops when the scalp lacks oxygen from bed rest, such as bed sores.

Bed sores, getting worse when we sleep, is in part due to low oxygen, and in part due to pressure slowing blood flow and again, lower oxygen levels.

Baking soda vastly increases oxygen. Can be used for acid reflux, but read the box, only up to 1/4 tsp per dose, never more than this at one time.

Oxygenating the lungs.

Baking soda is sodium plus bicarbonate

The key is sodium when considering the lungs.

Evaporate salt water into the air, as in ocean air, beach air.

Details are on the the what to do when sick with coronavirus page about misting salt into the air.

To note. When a person has cystic fibrosis of the lungs there is really no treatment except that if it is in only one lung, the affected lung can be removed surgically. But, they found that simmered salt water can reverse cystic fibrosis.

You know simmered salt water into the air is working is when coughing becomes way less for anyone that spends time in the room with simmered salt water.

It works even in ends stage lung diseases, from my experience.

Reactive oxygen is acidic.

ROS, reactive oxygen species of molecules allows breathing animals life.

Plants have no need for oxygen, they reject oxygen the way we expel CO2.

Plant proteins are just bad news for oxygen species.

Key amino acid for hemoglobin to carry oxygen is histidine.

All oxygen breathing animals need zinc.

The SHUCA product we sell covers supplementation for oxygen species through NOS.