Plants have defective nutrients for animals that have muscles and breath oxygen.

Plant based protein is destructive to animals.

A muscle can contract, release and flex over and over due to proteins and oil.

Proteins are made from amino acids that can chain together into long fibers.

There are a limited number of amino acids that can chain but an unlimited number of amino acids that cannot chain.

  • The non-chaining amino acids allow our nerves to function. Plants do not have nerves.
  • The chaining amino acids allow our muscles to flex. Plant do not have muscles.
  • The omega-6 plant oils do not allow oxygen or water to pass. Plants do not have blood or breath oxygen.

Plants do not function like a human.

  • A plants free amino acids for nerves is deficient,
  • A plants chained amino acids for muscles is deficient.
  • A plants oils for breathing and sweating is deficient.

Supplementation for vegans is required for long term health.

Yes, in short term we can eat anything, but we decline or age faster than normal.

Missing in a vegan's diet:

  • non-chaining amino acids such as the hormones based on nitrogen, e.g. thyroxin for the thyroid
  • chaining amino acids (protein) such as the long and clustered nitrogen found on arginine
  • omega-3 oils that do not have excess omega-6 oils that cause inflammatory diseases, flax seed oil is dangerous in this regard
  • minerals in the right ratio. Animals are descendants of the oceans where plants are not. All animals contain a much higher amount of lithium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc. These minerals are needed for nerve function and plants do not have nerves, and so do not require them in adequate balance.

I will continue with subsequent pages to elaborate on each of these

  • non-chaining amino acids cannot be stored, they do not form a solid protein, and so must be consumed often to maintain our immune system and nerve / brain functions. Without enough we have tremendous brain fog, anxiety and lack learning, memory or decision making processes.
  • chaining amino acids cannot be loaded with the non-flexible Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) leucine, isoleucine and valine. They make the muscles hard and painful, many body builders supplement BCAA's, but then they have pain and fibrous-myalgia like symptoms (hard and stiff muscles). Plants like BCAA's to give them stiffness and structure that cannot flex and damage more easily. Like an old person who can hardly walk.
  • omega-6 oils cause fever, inflammation, clogged arteries, high blood pressure and more, more later. Paracetamol is used for fevers and targets the removal of omega-6 oils of the plant type such as peanut oil, the worse of the worst and pea protein is the bases of some plant based burger patties.
  • imbalance of minerals from the earth based plants can give us muscle pain, constipation and leg cramps due to a lack of magnesium, sodium and zinc with an overload of calcium, copper and aluminum.