First test - take your temperature:

  • Body temperature is normal at 36.7.
  • The edge of normal temperature is 37.3
  • Corona virus fever can be as low as 37.5
  • Centegrade, under tongue or in ear.
  • Journal your temp every morning to see your normal

Temperature might elevate before symptoms, monitor your temperature daily.

Not a diagnosis, could be a normal flu, don't panic, get tested, if you can.

First thing to do if you must remain home - quick air sterilization.

  • get a portable hot plate (cooker) that can be in the room you are confined to
  • get a pot that can withstand heat and salt, such as a 'Pyrex' pie plate or other glass caserole pan
  • get a box or two of rock salt or table salt, iodized can help a lot
  • keep adding water as needed and less than simmer, do not boil, no need, just hot like a cup of hot tea, salt water will evaporate into the air and kill germs in the room and in the lungs. No need to breath hot air, just relax in the room, adjust to keep the water hot, the measure of it working is that the cough is much less, in the patient and all who are working near. Still wear a face mask of any device that stops droplets of water passing between people, any material that blocks water is better than nothing. .
  • This kills germs, novel corona virus is rather fragile, the salty air keeps the lungs more fluid and the rest of the household safer.

 cookerexample of an electric hot plate to keep steamy salt water in room 

Do not boil the water,      avoid burning anyone.

A temperature of 75 Celcius is enough, water boils at 100, no boiling water, only hot like tea water to evaporate.

pie plate example of pie plate, must be oven proof, or a glass oven proof caserole pan

 Dump in a mount of iodized salt, pour in water to about half way full, slightly stir salt, not need to fully dissolve, salt likes water.

stir occassionally every few hours, top up water as needed, adjust temp so just finger comfortable hot, like moderate tea water temperature.

Slow down breathing, sit with good posture

  • Ideal breathing rate is 4-5 seconds in and 4-5 seconds out,
  • get a clock with a seconds hand,
  • slow down breathing to maximize oxygen transfer.
  • 1. sit like you are on a piano stool ready to play,
  • 2. breath in through the nose fully over amost 5 seconds
  • 3. breath out like coolin a bowl of soup or a hot cup of tea, back pressure increases lung capacity
  • Yes, you will feel panic, anxiety, but pace yourself, don't waste energy
  • being hyper causes the arteries to constrict and then harder to breath
  • hard to breath well when lying down, sit up, no slouching on a sofa or bed, a kitchen chair is better for breathing, ready to play cards or eat, good posture, be comfortable, conserve energy

Keep throat moist, sip water,

  • warm water is best
  • do not put sugar in the water, no juice, no fruit, no sugar, no lemon slices, none, zero,
  • vinegar cuts mucus and phlegm, 1 teaspoon white vinegar (not apple cider vinegar), only white, very mild
  • vinegar water must taste of only a hint of vinegar, do not take it strong or you might feel worse
  • often I suggest a pinch of salt on the tongue, swirl around mouth, keep it there for as long as you can, then sip some water. Too much salt will upset your stomach, no need in stomach, need in throat.

 Foods to consider,

  • well almost food
  • garlic, garlic soup, garlic rice, garlic chicken, garlic sausage,
  • salt and pepper, black pepper, chilli peppers, spices, as you might enjoy, spices kill germs in food and throats
  • onions, onion soup, onions in a sandwich, onions on steak, onions in salad, green, white, red, purple, any color you like, cooked is eaiser to eat
  • water, water, water, chicken soup, vegetable soup,
  • carrots, potatoes, white rice, butter, olive oil, ghee, lard,

Foods to avoid

  • coconut oil, palm oil, vitamin E oil, vitamin D oil, this virus wants oil, starve the virus.
  • low fat diary, skim milk bad, whipping cream good, double cream good, never whey protein powder
  • legumes, peanuts, beans, lentils, berries, fruit, grains, whole wheat, multi grains, oatmeal