Patented drug, Avigan - Japan

April 2, 2020
Showing great promise in treating 2019-nCoV


F :Fluorine will be active, [Note: the "u" is before the "o"]

  • F   :Fluorine
  • F-  :Fluoride, the dash is an electron <anion>

Used in toothpaste, dentist cleaning; kills germs,
added to water to kill germs.

Elemental high school

The periodic table of elements, science class

The Halogens - 2nd column from the right on the periodic table

Organized by weight

  • fluorine,    lightest
  • chlorine,  blood salt
  • bromine,
  • iodine,      thyroid

Halogens kill germs

The smaller atoms at the top are quick but short term more powerful, like a bullet
The atomic weight increases to give longer lasting action (thyroid), like a tank


  • fast acting
  • not stable, cannot be stored in the thyroid
  • quick in, quick out
  • fluorine kills germs


  • rock salt, no additives, sodium+chloide
  • sea salt, full of contamination
  • added iodine is best, iodized table salt, natural germ killer
  • sodium - protects blood
  • chlorine - protects lungs
  • salt is the original antibiotic
  • brainwashing says salt is bad
  • before refrigeration we ate 4-6 tsp salt per day
  • salt kills germs


  • long lasting
  • stable, stored in thyroid
  • easy to control
  • iodine kills germs; brain, sinus, eyes, throat, lungs, kidney, liver, blood, skin


The blue circle highlights 2 nitrogen atoms in the aromatic ring,
two nitrogen atoms in a six sided ring, <pyrozine>

Our body needs nitrogen to fight germs naturally; natural killer cells, leukocytes, and others.
Nitrogen is activated with oxygen to make "organic gun powder",  kills germs,
NO-  nitric oxide is the activated form of nitrogen to kill germs, a bomb like effect.

Nitric Oxide

  • defense system, kills germs
  • nerve signaling, communications, thinking
  • white blood cells, intercom between leukocytes <interleukin> regulates NO-
  • blood pressure control
  • oxygen shunting as needed <vasopressin> fight or flight <sympathetic nervous system>
  • vaso-dialation, widening arteries to lower blood pressure, relaxing
  • found in plant life
  • kills germs, viruses

Nitric oxide kills germs and viruses.